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First Chair Mug Club Logo

The First Chair Mug Club is an exclusive members only club offered at The Bozeman Taproom. Our club might be a bit different then some mug clubs you have heard about or are a member of already. You see, as a member of the First Chair Mug Club you do not get a personalized mug that hangs in our establishment that you and only you drink out of everytime you come in. You drink out of an exclusive 20 oz members only mug that is a part of our glassware. Now this might sound a bit unconventional but hear us out.


Many breweries and establishments do not offer table service. This means after you finish your brew, you have to get up, wait in line and order another. Well at the Taproom our friendly staff brings you all your beers!


So imagine this... You are chillin with friends enjoyin some beers. Your drinking a sweet IPA and have a few sips left. You've made your next choice and want to tone it down a bit with a crisp lager. Now if you had your own mug you would have to finish every drop, take it up to the bar, wait for the bartender, wait for the bartender to clean your mug and then wait to get your beer. Ugh... No one wants to wait that long for a beer!


Ok back to you having a few sips left of that sweet IPA. Our server comes by and asks you if your ready for another. You say, "Hell yes! I'd like that crisp lager you've been ragin about". And a few moments later... Boom! A fresh clean 20 oz members only mug arrives with that crisp lager just as you're finishing your last sip of IPA. No messing around! Our server takes your cashed mug and you keep enjoying your friends and your beer. Nuh said! Cheers!

    First Chair Mug Club Membership - Renewal

      • 4 x ounces free with every pint. Drink from an exclusive members only 20 oz mug club mug for the price of a 16 oz
      • 1 x First Chair Mug Club members only t-shirt with initial membership, $20 value
      • 1 x Taproom logo glass growler with initial membership, $12 value
      • 1 x Taproom logo trucker hat with initial membership, $10 value
      • 1 x free growler fill with initial and yearly membership dues, up to $12 value
      • 1 x free mug fill with initial & yearly membership dues, up to $6 value
      • 1 x free meal, mug fill and growler fill on your birthday day, up to $30 value
      • 10% discount on growler fills and swag
      • Exclusive access to mug club events and beer school
      • Total Value of $90 for only $60, this doesn't even include the discounts and 4 extra ounces of beer per 16 ounce pour
      • Yearly renewal subscription ($40.00)
      • *All pricing subject to change at any time
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